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PU Stone

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Basic Info.

Model NO. 1200*600mm Edge Processing Flat
Cut-to-Size Size 1200*600mm Thickness 30mm/50mm
Usage Commercial, School, Residential Customized Customized
Transport Package Carton Specification 1200x600mm
Trademark DINGMEI Origin China
HS Code 3925900000 Production Capacity 100000000 Sqm/Year

Product Description

PU-Artificial-Stone-Cultural-Mushroom-Faux-Foam-Stone-Wall-Panel-Decoration-Material-1200X600X30-50mm (3)

What's PU stones?

PU stone is composed of organic diisocyanates. Polyisocyanate and dihydroxy or polyhydroxy compound polyaddition to form polyurethane material, it's very versatile and can replace rubber, plastic, nylon and other products.

What are the advantages of PU stones?

PU cultural stone or called PU antique brick, PU background wall, PU bamboo is a new type of environmental protection material, it is light and easy to install, and each person can install hundreds of square meters per day.

1. Lightweight

PU culture stone weighs about 3-4KG per square meter and is easy to install.

It is simple and lightweight, which are the key purpose to develop such PU cultural stone and PU ancient brick; it can effectively reduce the cost of construction equipment required by traditional materials. It is light in weight and safe in installation. The tools required for operation are light and easy to install, which is convenient and quick to construct. Compared with wall bricks and rock materials, PU cultural stone and PU ancient bricks with simple installation techniques can highlight the advantages of quick and easy construction; reduce the dependence on experienced professional construction personnel, effectively save construction time and construction labor costs; PU light stone slab only needs the lowest construction technology, fast, beautiful and small in size.

2. Durability

It is durable, impact resistant, pressure resistant and weather resistant.

The toughness of replicating stone siding means you don't have to worry, no matter what climate you live in, being able to build to withstand extreme temperature changes, different levels or rainfall and snowfall, and other extreme environmental conditions.

Impact and pressure resistance Polyurethane board structure material, PU board for short, can have high elasticity and strength, excellent wear resistance, oil resistance, fatigue resistance and vibration resistance in a wide range of hardness, excellent integration with great performance, PU light stone slab has been widely used in Europe and America.

3. Safety, environmental protection and energy conservation

PU culture stone panels would save energy and increase R-values and help you save money.

The R value represents the ability of building materials to prevent heat from passing through. The higher the R value, the higher the heat resistance and thermal insulation performance of the material. PU culture stone with high R value, it can provide a supplementary insulation measure, heat preservation and energy saving, this additional insulation does not harm the environment and human body, and can help save it in your home by naturally reducing heating and cooling costs energy, while reducing the logging of natural stone resources, and contribute to the protection of environmental resources.

4. Very realistic

Most people need to touch it to believe that this is not a real rock or brick.It is hard to know it is real stone or faux stone from its surface.

5. Multi-function

PU culture stone or brick wall panels can be applied almost anywhere in your home or workplace: window decorations, porch pillars and deck siding, wainscots, knee walls, exterior walls, islands, yard coverings on exterior walls, foundation skirts, and all or part of the home can be applied, the only restriction on where it can be is you! Any wall or exterior vertical surface coloration, texture and paving can now be covered with PU man-made stone products.

6. Waterproof and no fading

Our PU artificial stone panels are waterproof, will not fade, will not be twisted, and will not crack. PU wallboard is made of polyurethane durable material with high, impact-resistant structure, which is sufficient to withstand the harsh environment.

7. Low maintenance

Almost no additional maintenance work is required. It can be rinsed and wiped.

What is the use of PU stone?

Now PU stone has been widely used in airports, hotels, building materials, automobile factories, coal mines, cement factories, high-end apartments, villas, landscaping, colored stone art, parks, etc. In the living room, PU stone is used as an indoor TV background wall.

How do you install PU stone?

1. Make sure the wall surface is smooth.

2. Calculate the wall measure and specification.

3. Line up the wall horizontally.

4. Pick the tiles.

5. Install the first tile on the left corner down the wall.

6. Lay the Tiles down to the up,pick the screws.

7. Left to right or right to left,fix the tiles with screw on.

Product Parameters

PU Stone/Fax
Size 1200x600mm, 1200x300mm or other sizes customized
30mm, 50mm or other thickness customized
Black, gery, red, white, beige, hemp, brown, blue, other customized colours
3D, morden, luxury
Home, office, school, bar, shopping mall, restaurant, hospital, hotels, villas, cinema, library, etc.

1. Natural stone looking and feeling

2. 100% recyclable and eco-friendly

3. UV resistant and color stability

4. Weather resistant, suitable from -40°C to 60°C

5. Water-proof and erosion-proof

6. No insect and moldy-proof

7. No cracking, warping and splitting

8. No painting, low maintenance , easy install and clean

9. High density, durable and firm for long lifetime

Loading Quantity
120 cartons/20ft container, 295 cartons /40ft container.
Delivery Time
In 10-15 days after order confirmed.

Detailed Photos

PU-Artificial-Stone-Cultural-Mushroom-Faux-Foam-Stone-Wall-Panel-Decoration-Material-1200X600X30-50mm (2)PU-Artificial-Stone-Cultural-Mushroom-Faux-Foam-Stone-Wall-Panel-Decoration-Material-1200X600X30-50mm (1)

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