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WPC Decking 140x25 Co-extruded Circle Hole

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Basic Info.

Model NO. 140*25, 140*20, 146*25, 125*23, 150*25, 140*24 Pattern Wood Grain
Color Brown Usage Outdoor, Commercial, Residential
Customized Customized Material Wood Powder & HDPE & Additive
Design & Colours Solid, Wood Grain, Embossed, Microgrooved Types Circle Hold, Aquare Hole and Solid
Features Waterproof, Fireproof, Anti-UV, Anti-Slip, etc Application Residential and Commercial Decking
Tansport Package Sea Worthy Packing Specification 140*25, 140*20, 146*25, 125*23, 150*25, 140*24
Trademark DINGMEI Origin Linyi, China
HS Code 3918909000 Production Capacity 100000000 Meters/Year

Product Description


What is WPC decking?

WPC decking, or composite decking, is a decking material solution made from a unique combination of plastic and wood. WPC stands for Wood Plastic Composite and this composite is made up of 60% wood powder and 30% HDPE and 10% additives.

WPC-Decking-Wood-Plastic-Composite-Exterior-Decking-Floor-Outdoor-Waterproof-Flooring-Board (1)

How is WPC decking made?

WPC-Decking-Wood-Plastic-Composite-Exterior-Decking-Floor-Outdoor-Waterproof-Flooring-Board (2)

What are the advantages of WPC decking?

WPC decking has seen strong growth in popularity and the demand for WPC decking is expected to grow year on year. Composite decking offers a long list of advantages to end-users and distributors and is a strong rival to standard decking that makes it worth the investment. Outlined below are some key facts about WPC decking and the benefits you can expect if you choose it for your applications and exterior spaces.

WPC-Decking-Wood-Plastic-Composite-Exterior-Decking-Floor-Outdoor-Waterproof-Flooring-Board (3)

High Durability

Due to the plastic containment of WPC decking, the material has improved durability over its alternatives. This type of decking is designed to be durable and its material, blend and finish make it resistant to lots of the factors that usually reduce the life of wood decking.

WPC decking resists fading, staining, scratching and mould and is so durable that  offers a 10-15 years guarantee on our WPC range against splitting, rotting, cracking and decay.

Low Maintenance

With WPC decking, you never need to worry about sanding, staining or painting. The occasional soap-and-water clean is all that's required to maintain the decking for decades.

However, it is worth mentioning that composite decking has the potential to show water stains and, although they do tend to disappear after experiencing rain, they may require a more focused clean in hotter weather as the stains can become more obvious.


Our WPC is made from eco-friendly materials. This composite material is made to last and has many of the properties of a wood decking without the environmental impact.

Many WPC decking solutions are composed of recycled materials or products that have been made from maintained resources.

The prolonged life of WPC decking also means that you are never having to replace materials more often than you should-therefore utilising more materials than required.


WPC composite decking might be more costly in the beginning but this product continues to look great year after year and has virtually no cost of upkeep. As already stated, composite decking requires less maintenance than traditional wood decking.

This means you can spend far less time maintaining your space and reaching into your pockets and it gives you far more time to spend money on other things. WPC decking will last longer than its timber alternatives and therefore incur fewer overall costs for replacements and overhauls.

Easy Installation

Like everything else with WPC decking, installation is easy.

Firstly, the substructure must be prepared and sufficient drainage must be ensured beneath the deck area.

The subframe should be laid with a slight gradient of 1% to 1.5% from the walls and should be laid lengthwise. Make sure the subframe is set from any surrounding walls or obstacles to allow for slight expansion.

The WPC products' expansion rate is around 0.3% to 0.5% depends on weather conditions in different places, based on this expansion rate, there must always be a gap always between 2 WPC products, as follows:

The distance of at least 30mm from walls or other obstacles to allow for expansion of the deck boards.

Allow at least a 10mm gap on butt joints.

When fixing the starting clips or the connecting clips, we recommends pre-drilling with a 2.5mm drill bit to prevent cracking or breaking the subframe as WPC products have a high density.

Furthermore, the substructure should be kept at maximum 400mm centres. It should also be fixed by expansion screws to the concrete at a distance of 30-40cm. The subframe should also overlap by a minimum of 100mm so that each deck board has a full bearing at each end (for runs lower than 5m).

WPC Double Faced Decking should be considered when upgrading and renovating, installing new decking areas or creating extra clean, dry areas. It can be installed any time of the year but we would advise during the spring to autumn period due to generally finer weather conditions. Decking shouldn't be installed in temperatures lower than 5 degrees.

For finishing:

There must be a gap at the joint between two corner covers, calculated based on the expansion rate 0.3- 0.5% of the length.

The distance between the fixing screws has to be maximum 300mm.

When fitting the matching angle trim, you can use fix, a one-part solvent-free hybrid adhesive with a very high initial grab and no-slip properties

Detailed Photos

WPC-Decking-Wood-Plastic-Composite-Exterior-Decking-Floor-Outdoor-Waterproof-Flooring-Board (4)

WPC-Decking-Wood-Plastic-Composite-Exterior-Decking-Floor-Outdoor-Waterproof-Flooring-Board (5)WPC-Decking-Wood-Plastic-Composite-Exterior-Decking-Floor-Outdoor-Waterproof-Flooring-Board (6)


Cases Show

WPC-Decking-Wood-Plastic-Composite-Exterior-Decking-Floor-Outdoor-Waterproof-Flooring-Board (7)

Packaging & Shipping

WPC-Decking-Wood-Plastic-Composite-Exterior-Decking-Floor-Outdoor-Waterproof-Flooring-Board (8)


Q1: How do we guarantee quality?

A1: Always have a pre-production sample before mass production;Always carry out final inspection before shipment;

Q2. What is your minimum order quantity?

A2: Our minimum order quantity is 20 feet container. We can also negotiate.

Q3: What about delivery time?

A3: Generally speaking, it takes about two weeks to complete an order for a 20-foot container.

Q4. What about quality control in your factory?

A4: We have a special QC department responsible for product quality.

Q5: What are the advantages of wood plastic compared with solid wood?

A5: Waterproof, fireproof, termite-proof, recyclable, natural wood grain, low maintenance, easy installation, no toxic release.

Q6: Does the color fade due to weathering?

A6: Our wood-plastic panels and ceilings are widely used indoors, and some panels and floors are used outdoors. They have good color fastening properties. For the first three months, the color will fade a little, and then the color will Becomes very stable for future applications.

Q7: Is the wpc product easy to install?

A7: Of course. Each product comes with different hardware. We also have videos of the installation.